शामराव सोमकुवर


Shamrao Haridwar Somkuwar
born on 28th October,1961 in small village : Wadgaon,Taluka : Dhamangaon,Dist :Amravati.
Qualifications: M.Com in 1988

Father Haridwar Chandu Somkuwar working in Railways as GANGMANN retired in 1995 and died on 13th December,2019
Grandfather Chandu actually worked rehabilitating of Refugees in village.
Father Haridwar was present at Nagpur at the time of Dhammachakra Pravartan day on 14th October ,1956,since that day he regularly taking Threesharan and Panchsheel every day.
In 1958 my father purchased Bhagwan Buddha and His Dhamma at Rs.12/-,that time my father and mother suffer tremendous problems but many families become happy by reading this book.
I was first time come in Mumbai on 6 th December,1975.
At that time Dalit Panthers Movement spread through out the Maharashtra ,we worked as a panthers as a safeguard of our society,even I was a planner how to take revenge and we executed also.
In 1981 Namantar Movement was start from Nagpur ,but we are not participate.
My first visit on Vijjasan Buddha Leni in 1983.
In 1984 visited Bodhgaya and Sarnath.by Mistake when we went to Ayodhya ,we see there was only business is making TAVIT and sell to visitors.
When we talking amongst us in Marathi family of 7 to 8 members including Mahila and small children’s, suddenly they come to us and crying and say please Hame Bachalo,
Immediately some 2 persons come and try to take another TAVIT.
They say ,we spent more than Rs.3000/- For purchased of Tavit, now we have no money and they force to take another Tavit to sold ornament and car.
My younger brother Ramrao kick one of them ,he failed down but another person come forward and holding hand and try to pull at that time all is crying.
he also kick him and release the hand they went away, we might think they may be come with other troops, we told him please you Immediately go away from here, they please come along with us otherwise they may come.
They sit in car and say we have money to give you, they are from Akola a Marwadi family.
Since that day I am become enemy of God.I personally see how the people throw dead bodies into rivers of Ganga and Yamuna and the same time other people was taking holy bath for removal of sin and same time some people taking water for thirth.
I personally see Ghat of Ganga where ,dogs are eaten dead bodies some are burning and some floating on river.
during my College day I help of my friend Mr.Eknath Dhangare his father and mother are both of blind and begger.
Also I help one other friend Mr.Deepak Manwatkar to take admission in Aurangabad.
In 1990 I visited Kanheri caves but I do not know what is this even I was fear to go inside the caves ,
In 1989 we start a pakshik of JANLADHA and continued up to 4 months.
In 1993 Hindu Muslim riots was happened at that time I was working at A.T.Kharti CA pydhonie,
At that time I was a mediator between Hindu and Muslim .some muslim boys came along with me at Dadar and some Hindu boys came along with me at Masjid Bunder,because both are business places,but they are afraid to .
During that period A.T.Khatri say me. I have very important work with you, and I Hope you will do.
I ask him which is,he told me my both sisters are willing to go Dubai but as per norms they want to take permission from Mumbai Polic Commissioner.
When I took taxi from Pydhonie I seat front site and back sit his sister’s, when Taxi start so many people are watching but without any disturbance we reach at Commissioner office .They show the documents and ask her how you come here,they reply ,we come with shyambhai ,police Commissioner call me Salim bhai, But I say my name is shyambhai.
Police Commissioner ask me are you Hindu and how you are coming with her.
I said I am not Hindu ,I am Buddhist,then police again ask to her , any problem,they say no.
Even we print and distribute phampletes for release of Mahabodhi Mahavihar from Hindu.
We visited in 2004 in ambavade and Vanand and 1st time in Kondane Buddhist cave with local guide.
In 2006 when we visited Ajantha buddha leni when I a

Jay Bhim Namo Buddhay
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