Nenavali ( Khadsamble) Buddhist Cave Conservation

Nenavali Buddhist Cave Project

☸️What is Project Nenavali Buddhist Cave ?☸️

Nenavali Buddhist Caves is a beautiful Buddhist cave located in Nenavali village in Sudhagad Pali taluka of Raigad district. This group of 40 caves is a glorious legacy of thousands of years of Buddhist culture.Today these caves need conservation.Faced with the neglect of the government and natural calamities, these caves are still standing today. While the history of Buddhism is on the verge of extinction, it needs time to be nurtured.

Why Nenavali Buddhist Cave?

There are over 1500 Buddhist Caves in Maharashtra region. However, Nenavali was chosen for the activity for the following main reasons –
1) Comparative ease of access from Mumbai and its suburbs
2)A good amount of structure is intact. So there is scope to save a lot
3)With abundant water and shelter a big group can stay overnight for the activity

What is causing Nenavali’s deterioration?

As is the unfortunate case with most of our Caves, following are the main reasons why Nenavali is getting destroyed day by day:
1) The cave was completely destroyed by the earthquake. The entire caves have been buried under these rocks due to the collapse of the front.
2) As there is a waterfall in front of the caves, the water particles are eroding the rocks
3) The inside of the cave is getting eroded and brittle due to wind and rain.
4) Human Interference graffiti, carelessness etc, which is unfortunately seen at all our archaeological sites.

What still could be done?

The Nenavali Buddhist Caves are a very large group of 40 caves.
Many important historical things have been destroyed in the course of time.
The ABCPR Cave Enhancement Team has started work here from 2017 and today the work of the cave is being accelerated at this place.
A lot can be done to bring Nenavali as close to its past glory as possible. However, need of the day is to prevent its destruction.
Though a Herculean task, it can be accomplished with the help of right resources and more importantly, our will !
A beautiful archeological site closely related to our recent history will soon be destroyed, if not saved in time. And to do that we need

YOU !!

Be part of the team for conservation of Nenavali Buddhist Cave.

Financial Support

Cave conservation needs money. In the initial phase of the project, the interested individuals used to gather their own contribution to execute various tasks. However, People who are interested in cave conservation work can donate for it , which will be used specifically for this purpose
Those who want’s to support whole project we will share them blue print of work to be done


A/C Number: 38977234812
Bank: State Bank of India
Branch: Industrial Estate , Badlapur

Jay Bhim Namo Buddhay
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