Ancient Buddhist Women culture in India

Various aspects of women from noble lady to maid like queen mother,queen believed ,charming princes ,devotee,musician,nagini,takeshi,they are also referred as a donatory inscriptions as a mother,beloved wife,sister,daughter, daughter in law,mother in law ,and devout disciples of the order; mata,grahini,gahapatini,bhariya,putika,bhagini,snusha,antevasika,bikini,upasika,some locality refer to rajamatyi,mahasenapatini etc.
In satwahanan dynasty status and culture of women on peak.

The women wearing pitambara,jewellery different types of turban,hair styles,ear ring, or kundal,( Makarkundala is made from precious gems as jewel of the noble women). kankan,bajubandh,kamarpatta,painjan.The major role of the women played in the socio-religious and political life of contemporary times.This is also amply justified by a high percentage of donations made for the Construction, establishment and maintenance of stupa either independently or along with their family members.Tilaka by uses both

oyal Basically men’s and women’s are equals by births while women’s have more responsibility than men’s.
Respect of mother is our main object and it continued since the buddha’s period .

If we see our ancient history ,how our womens are capable and become Bhukkuni or head of Bhikkuni Sangha that is known as Theri, some name’s of Theri ( Bhikkuni)is given herein below.
There are total 73 Theri’s worked for Dhamma and achieved a highest position.
1.Ayyatara Theri( Free Pearls)
2.Mutta Theri

  1. Tissa -1Theri( First Born)
    5.Tissa -2 Theri( Second Born)
    6.Dheera Theri( wise)
    7.Veera Theri( Victor)
    8.Mitta Theri( Friend)
    9.Bhadda Kasayana Theri(Wife of Siddharth Gautam Buddha)
    10 Upasama Theri
    11.Mutta Theri – 2
    13.Vishaka Theri ( Daughter of Dananjay and Summanna)
    14.Sumana -1Theri
    15.Uttara Theri
    16.Sumama -2 Theri
    17.Dhamma Theri.
    18.Sangha Theri
    19.Abhirupnanda Theri
    20.Jenti Theri
    21.Sumangal Mata Theri
    22.Addakasi Theri
    23.Chitta Theri.
    24.Mettika Theri
    25.Mitta Theri.
    26.AbhayMata Theri
    27.Abhaya Theri
    28.Sama -1 Theri
    29.Sama – 2Theri.
    30 Uttama Theri
    31 Uttama -2 Theri
    32.Dantika Theri
    33.Ubbiri Theri
    34.Suka Theri
    35.Sela Theri
    36.Soma Theri
    37.Bhadda Kapilani
    38.Adhyanat Theri
    39.Vimala Theri
    40.Sinha Theri
    41.Sundari Nanda Theri
    42.Nanduttara Theri
    43.Mittakali Theri
    44.Sakula Theri
    45 Sona Theri
    46.Bhadda Kundalkesha Theri
    47.Pattachara Theri
    48.Aparasama Theri
    49.Chanda Theri
    50 Aprauttama Theri
    51.Vashetthi Theri
    52.Khema Theri
    53.Sujata Theri
    54.Anopama Theri
    55.Mahaprajapati Gotami ( mother of Siddhartha Gautam Buddha)
    56.Gutta Theri
    57.Vijaya Theri
    58.Uttara Theri
    59.Chala Theri( Sister of Sariputta)
    60.Upchala Theri ( Sister of Sariputta)
    61.Shisupchala Theri ( Sister of Sariputta)
    62.Vaddhumata Theri
    63.Kissa Gotami Theri
    64.Uppalvanna Theri
    65.Punnika Theri
    66.Ambapali Theri
    67.Rohini Theri
    68.Chapa Theri
    69.Sundari Theri
  2. Subha KammarDhita Theri
    71.Subha- Jivakmbanika Theri
  3. Isidasi Theri
    73.Sumedha Theri
    Inspite of that we must remembered The mother of Three Jewels.
    1.Mahamaya (Mother of Siddharth Gautam Buddha)
  4. Shubhdangi (Mother of Chakravorty Samrat Ashok)
  5. Bhimai( Mother of Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar)
    HIstorical Name
    4.Bhukkuni Sanghmitra ( Daughter of Chakravarti Samrat Ashok).
  6. Gautami Balashri ( mother of Samrat Satwahan.
    6 Gautami ( Mother of Samrat Satkarni known as Gautamiputra Satkarni)
    7.Vasetthi Mother of Samrat Puluyami .
    8.Royal Queen Nagnika( Queen Nagnika was the Daughter of The Maharathi (King) Tranakiya. The image of regal queen Victoria on coins as the Empress of India is well known . But peep into history and you will find out that the first queen to have silver coin issued in her name lived around 1st century BCE at Junner ,a large inscriptions of her name is in Naneghat Leni ,Queen Nagnika was the wife of Samrat Satkarni the first major women ruler in Satwahana dynasty. The marriage of the Satwahana king Satkarni and Nagnika was a significant political event of Satkarni ‘a Region after death of her husband she declared as Maharathini Princess.


Jay Bhim Namo Buddhay

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